Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I've got that itch again. And no, it's not something that I need to get checked out -.- I just feel a little restless. I want to get outta here and travel and see the world. I want to wake up in a new place, jump in a river, go through some woods, scale a mountain.... I've got an urge to be more physical too; jump on my bike and ride 100 miles, stand on my hands, jump and kick, flip, dive, swim.... I know all of it is coming. I'm in school right now. I work at my school, so I see a lot of this place. I study a lot and I get good grades. I don't have much time for other things...but I know that it's an investment in my future. A "work hard now so that I can play hard later" sort of thing. Just one more year until I have my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. One more year, man. Just one more year.

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