Tuesday, December 31, 2013


My 5 year old nephew just gave me some solid relationship advice. Poor kid keeps asking me where my ex is, so I finally say, "we're not friends anymore." He then replies, "It's not fair to breakup and not be friends. Boys need girls to be happy." He threw in some other gems too.  What a smart little thing. 

Art Basel 2013 - Santlov & 13th Witness

A few snaps from the Santlov x 13th Witness event from this past Art Basel. I completely love the idea of contemporizing iconic movie characters (my favorite part of the showing). Check it out below!

Santlov x 13th Witness

Louis Vuitton Terminator

Charlie Chaplin in some fresh kicks

Woody capturing an image of some much coveted dunks

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Miami


Couldn't leave the toilet untouched, haha

This video is just a compilation of a few snapchats that I took while I was there:

Art Basel - Santlov x 13th Witness from Rick Beaudouin on Vimeo.

Shark Valley 2013

Finally hit up Shark Valley in the Everglades. We got a year pass, so lmk if you're down to ride B-)


Insert increasingly ambiguous post about my feelings on the past, present, and future here.