Monday, September 5, 2011

Burro Pedal Review

Homie, Lunchbox, recently clued me into Burro Bags, a bike company out in Jacksonville, Florida. I copped the Chronic Pedal Strap/Shadow Conspiracy Ravager Plastic BMX Pedal combo from them for the low. As soon as I rode with these, I sensed an immediate difference. Nothing against Origin-8, but the cages and double toe straps that I had from them just don't compare to a BMX pedal/strap combo. It offers so much more surface area for my foot which offers more power in every down stroke and therefore much more speed. The straps offer amazing foot retention which has helped with easier skid stops and a better up stroke. The pedal itself is not as long as the cages which gives me more clearance for my front wheel. Easy installation and great performance make these pedals a worthy purchase. Check out some snaps and a video below.

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