Friday, January 3, 2014

Its So Hard To Say Goodbye

Its so cliche, but sometimes you really don't know what you have until its gone. Crush, the family turtle, ran away the other day. I really loved that little guy. I mean, he was a turtle, but fuck it, I loved him. Once I heard what had happened, I was full of so much remorse and regret. Why didn't I do more to facilitate my little friend? I took care of him when everyone went out of town which is when I really grew attached, but I could have done so much more with him. And now that he's gone, its too late. I then started thinking that its the same with friends, family, and significant others. Don't take them for granted. Cherish the fuck out of them. Because they may no longer be around one day and you'll want to feel peace and happiness when you think about the times that you spent together as opposed to regret or remorse at how you treated them (or didn't treat them). Well anyway, here's to Crush. Be safe in those streets, buddy. I hope you find an ill ass lake and smash some way cool lady turtles, have some babies, and live a long life.

P.S. Admittedly, losing Crush symbolized other things, people, etc. that I've lost in life, especially those that I fought for and could not regain. I'm a really nostalgic and reminiscent kind of guy. Strive for new and better things though, and work toward a future that you can look forward to as opposed to looking toward your past.

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